Rujia Wang


Welcome to Computer Architecture Lab at Illinois Tech (CALIT)!

Our research lab is working on the state-of-the-art architecture and system design for emerging computing needs.

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  • Dr. Rujia Wang

Graduate Researcher:

  • Mr. Yuezhi Che (2018- )
  • Mr. Xiaoyang Lu (co-advised with Prof. Xian-He Sun, 2019- )
  • Mr. Gang Liu (visiting Ph.D. student, 2019- )
  • Ms. Jiya Su (2020- )
  • Mr. Yuanzhou Yang (M.S., 2019- )
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Undergrad Researcher:

  • Mr. Dingyuan Cao (UG student at Tsinghua University)
  • Mr. Yifan Huang (IIT UG)


  • Ms. Iris Uwizeyimana (UG, co-advised with Kyle Hale)
  • Mr. Hussain Khajanchi (UG, co-advised with Kyle Hale)
  • Mr. Bo Hu (IIT UG)
  • Mr. Zhou Ni (IIT M.S.)
Last updated on August 17, 2020