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  • [Research Paper] Our paper on cache management has been accepted at HPCA’23. This work advances cache performance in large-scale computing system.
  • [Award] Jiya received 2nd place winner on ACM Student Research Competition at MICRO’22. Congrats to her!
  • [Service] Serve as TPC for ISCA’23, IPDPS’23, HASP’22.
  • [Research Paper] Our paper “DNNCloak: Secure DNN Models Against Memory Side-channel Based Reverse Engineering Attacks” was accepted at ICCD’22.
  • [Grant] Our research on computer architecture and security receives an NSF CNS Core award. Thank you for the support.
  • [Research Paper] Our collaborative work, “SampleMine: A Framework for Applying Random Sampling to Subgraph Pattern Mining through Loop Perforation “, was accepted at PACT’22.
  • [Service] Serve as TPC for LCTES’22, MICRO’22(ERC), HPCA’23, ASPLOS’23
  • [Service] MICRO’22 will take place in Chicago. I will serve as local arrangement co-chair for the event.
  • [Service] I will serve as program committee track chair for IEEE International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD’22). Please submit your best paper!
  • [Talk] I gave a research talk on HPC and memory architecture at Argonne-Illinois Tech Research Seminar.
  • [Research Paper] Our paper, “PS-ORAM: Efficient Crash Consistency Support for Oblivious RAM on NVM”, was accepted at ISCA’22 after two-year of hard work. The acceptance rate is 16.7%. We thank all the reviewers for the constructive feedback.


  • [Research Paper] Our collaborative work, “Minerva: Rethinking Secure Architectures for the Era of Fabric-Attached Memory Architectures”, was accepted at IPDPS’22.
  • [Service] I serve as TPC member for ICCD, MICRO, IPDPS, 2021.


  • [Paper] Our new work on spatial and temporal optimiazation for ORAM is accepted in HPCA 2021.
  • [Service] Rujia serves as TPC/ERC member for ISCA, IPDPS and DAC 2021.
  • [Grant] Received an NSF PPoSS award as PI. We are excited to start this new cross-layer collaborative project.
  • [Paper] A novel concurrency-aware prefetching framework is accepted as a full paper in ICCD 2020.
  • [Service] I serve as ERC member for HPCA and ASPLOS 2021.
  • [Award] Our ICPP 2020 paper is nominated as best paper candidate.
  • [Paper] Our collaborative work on accelerating SpTRSV with GPU is accepted at ICPP 2020. The student author, Ms. Jiya Su, will join our group member as a PhD student.
  • [Service] I serve as TPC member for ICCD and MICRO 2020.


  • [Paper] One work with my PhD student on multi-range ORAM is accepted in HPCA 2020. This is the first HPCA (top-tier conference in computer architecture) paper with all authors from Illinois Tech!
  • [Service] I will serve as a co-guest editor for IEEE TC’s Special Issue on Hardware Security. We look forward to your best work.
  • [Service] I serve as registration chair for ASPLOS 2019 and IISWC 2019.
  • [Paper] Our work on high-performance ORAM is accepted as a full paper in ICCD 2019.
  • [Outreach] Panelist on “Systems Research as a Career: Mentoring for women in computer systems” and “Women in Science, NSF MedIX REU program”.
  • [Talk] I gave a talk on recent research at GCASR Workshop.
  • [Service] I serve as publicity chair for NAS 2019.


  • [Service] TPC for DAC 2019, Yarch 2019, LCTES 2019
  • I joined IIT CS in Fall 2018.
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